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Our work is our purpose, our driving force. It's the reason we get up every day and do what we do. Most importantly, it keeps pushing us to achieve bigger and better things with each new challenge.

Below are a few of our Services and Training Programs that we offer our Clients:




HR Consultancy (Project Specific) 


Ø  Evaluating Human Resource Structure & Management 

Ø  Training on Basic Labor Laws, DOLE Guidelines and Compliances 

Ø  Formulation and Creation of Company Handbook and Code of Discipline 

Ø  Review and Proper Implementation of Employee Compensation & Benefits and overall Total Rewards & Recognition Program of the Company 

Ø  Creation & Development of Pay Structures; Benchmarking  

Ø  Review of HR Management Systems and HR Tools 

Ø  Company Policy Review 

Ø  Design Performance Management, Score Card Metrices (KPI’s, KRA’s, OKR’s) 

Ø  Develop Employee Engagement Programs 

Ø  Talent Acquisition – Marketing, Branding & Sourcing; Audit of Recruitment Process to On-Boarding Activities 

Ø  Create, Review and/or Audit Employee Contracts, Agreements and related HR Form 

Ø  Provide guidance on Mitigating Labor Issues; Assistance on Labor Relations (Employee Grievances, Due Process and Employee Discipline) 

Ø  Create, Review or Audit Company compliance on Occupational Safety & Health Standards 

Ø  Coaching, Mentoring and Counseling Executives, Managers, Front Line Leaders & Employees 


HR Consultancy (Retainer) 


Ø  Talent Acquisition 

Ø  HR Operations 

Ø  Total Rewards 

Ø  General Labor Standards & Labor Relations 

Ø  Employee Engagement 

Ø  Occupational Safety & Health Standards 




In-House or Public Training: 


o   2-Day HR Core Competencies Training Program (HR Boot Camp) 

a.    Talent Acquisition 101 

b.    Total Rewards 101 

c.    Employee Engagement 101 

d.    Training & Development 101 

e.    Labor Relations 101 


o   2-Day Leadership Empowerment Accountability Diversity (LEAD) Program  


o   2-Day Occupational Safety & Health Standards Training 



o   1-Day Specialize In-depth Trainings on different HR Facets 

a.    Talent Acquisition 

b.    Time Keeping, Payroll & Benefits 

c.    Total Rewards 

d.    Training & Development / Organizational Development 

e.    Labor Relations 

f.      Labor Audit 

g.    Employee Engagement 

h.    HR Data Analytics 

i.     Performance Management 


 Specialized Training: 


Ø  Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) 

Ø  Time Management 

Ø  Communication & Interpersonal Skills 

Ø  Customer Service 

Ø  Mental Health 

Ø  Sales and Marketing 

Ø  Stress Management 

Ø  Communication Skills 

Ø  Adaptability and Resilience 

Ø  Interpersonal Skills 

Ø  Gender Sensitivity 

Ø  Innovations Training 

Ø  Talent Management 

Ø  Social Media Marketing 

Ø  Conflict Resolution 


On-Site / Off-Site Specialized Team Building Program 


Ø  Corporate Team Building 

Ø  Corporate Recollections 

Ø  Corporate Retreat 

Ø  Corporate Planning 



Specialized Services (By our Lawyer Consultants): 


Ø  Corporate Legal Compliance 

Ø  Labor Law & Compliance 

Ø  Representation to Court 

Ø  Paralegal Work 



Specialized Industry Certification Program: 


Ø  Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP) 

Ø  Certified Human Resource Manager (CHRM) 

Ø  Certified Project Management (CPM) 

Ø  Six-Sigma Certifications (Lean, White, Yellow, Green, Black) 


Let us know if you have any special request and/or any special project that you would like us to work on or tailor-fit for your organization. 




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